Out of anywhere

Out of anywhere 2009

Out of anywhere 2009 was a super festival. Only good people, no stress, lots of fun everything a good festival needs. You could say even the weather was on our side.

Here a few audio-recordings:

Church of Cycologie
Simple Tings
Smingus Dyngus


Horns of resistance - live "Out of anywhere2009"

and the myspace-link:


The beginning


Here a few fotos from the year before(2008). Nothing special but it should be enough to get an impression. Like the name (out of anywhere) says: out of anywhere in Mettmann ("Mett" is "hacked meat" in german and "mann" is "man"- sounds funny but it's a name of a city)...

2008 in Mettmann - Ease & Art - Fruchtfleischwasser [57.352 KB]